The FedRAMP Program

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program, or FedRAMP, is a government-wide program that provides a standardized approach to security assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring for cloud products and services.

FedRAMP created and manages a core set of processes to ensure effective, repeatable cloud security for the government. FedRAMP established a mature marketplace to increase utilization and familiarity with cloud services while facilitating collaboration across government through open exchanges of lessons learned, use cases, and tactical solutions.

If you have a Cloud Service Offering (CSO) that is in use by the federal government, you should be thinking about obtaining a FedRAMP authorization. Per an OMB memorandum, any cloud services that hold federal data must be FedRAMP authorized. There are two ways to authorize a cloud service through FedRAMP: a Joint Authorization Board (JAB) provisional authorization (P-ATO), and through individual Agencies.

The VAZATA FedRAMP Advisory Team can help you determine the best course of action for your organization and to navigate the process towards FedRAMP authorization.

VAZATA FedRAMP Advisory Services

Engaging a FedRAMP Advisor gives Cloud Service Providers (CSP) the best chance of saving time and succeeding on the first attempt at authorization. A FedRAMP Advisor guides and helps CSPs through the major phases of authorization, from strategic planning to document preparation to ensuring sustained compliance through efficient ongoing monitoring.

The FedRAMP Advisory Team at VAZATA has a deep understanding of controls and control requirements, hurdles that organizations typically face with compliance, and how to leverage existing processes and artifacts to increase efficiency.

In addition to strategic advice and development of required documentation, our advisors stand together with you through key conversations and meetings with assessors so your solution, environment, and situation are effectively communicated to prevent delays.

With VAZATA on your side, you can be confident that your FedRAMP authorization initiative is efficient and effective while keeping key personnel focused on the core mission.

The team at VAZATA will guide your organization through the process from initial planning and document preparation to audit assistance and continuous monitoring post-authorization.

VAZATA’s range of FedRAMP Advisory Services address the needs of CSPs at various stages in their FedRAMP journey. Our experts remove the guesswork from your FedRAMP authorization pursuit and help you accomplish the most important goal: new business opportunities with Federal Agency customers.

Strategic Guidance and Roadmap

  • Educate key stakeholders on requirements/process
  • Confirm business case and target/current customers
  • Explore leveraging of FedRAMP PaaS/IaaS
  • Define solution boundary
  • Determine organizational & technical readiness
  • Define FedRAMP authorization roadmap
  • Facilitate communication/partnership with PMO


  • Validate system inventory & boundary
  • Perform detailed review of all controls
  • Conduct penetration testing
  • Develop comprehensive list of gaps & required remediation


  • Ensure technical teams understand requirements
  • Design controls and processes to meet requirements and recommend solutions for missing capabilities
  • Implement tools and provide engineering support
  • Validate adequacy of technical implementations


  • System Security Plan (typically 500+ pages)
    • System Components and Boundaries
    • Network Architecture
    • Data Flow
    • System Interconnections
    • Control Implementation (325 controls for Moderate baseline)
  • Required Attachments
    • Policies & Procedures (for 17 families)
    • E-Authentication Plan
    • Privacy Impact Assessment and Privacy Threshold Analysis
    • Rules of Behavior
    • Information System Contingency Plan
    • Configuration Management Plan
    • Incident Response Plan
    • Control Implementation Summary
    • FIPS 199 Categorization
    • Separation of Duties Matrix
    • FedRAMP Laws and Regulations
    • FedRAMP Integrated Inventory Workbook
  • Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M)
  • Continuous Monitoring Plan

Audit Preparedness and Liaison

  • Perform QA validation of FedRAMP package
  • Perform assessment ‘dry run’ as needed
  • Prepare team for successful interaction with 3PAO
  • Manage request list and gather evidence
  • Facilitate discussions with 3PAO
  • Support CSP in effectively communicating compensating controls & residual risks
  • Advise on effective resolution strategies for identified gaps
  • Update POA&Ms

Continuous Monitoring

  • Manage resolution of POA&M issues and deviation requests
  • Coordinate performance of required periodic controls (i.e., weekly/monthly/quarterly)
  • Update documentation (including POA&M, SSP, Incident Response Plan) as required
  • Compile reports required by the Authorizing Official
  • Perform vulnerability scanning, incident response and change control
  • Analyze impact and develop a SIA/SCF for significant changes
  • Coordinate the selection of controls for annual testing
  • Facilitate 3PAO Annual Assessments
  • FedRAMP program management
  • SME advisory
  • Facilitate monthly ConMon calls
  • Respond to questions on the FedRAMP Authorization Package

A Trusted Partner for FedRAMP Success

We recognize that getting through the FedRAMP process can be a challenging endeavor. We also recognize that no two organizations are alike, and the last thing you need is to fill out a boiler-plate questionnaire that attempts to fit your solution into a pre-determined course of action.

You’ll work with experienced professionals who partner with you to develop a plan for success and provide the appropriate resources and expertise to achieve the right FedRAMP authorization for your organization.

Whether you’re just looking into what FedRAMP might do for you, or you already have a list of questions, you should have an expert to guide you. VAZATA will provide you with practical, flexible FedRAMP expertise.

It’s important for us to understand your organization, your cloud solution, and where you are in your journey, so a one-on-one meeting is our way of kicking off a solid working relationship.


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