Compliance and Security: Critical Business Components

Few things are more important in business and corporate management than compliance and security. Following legal laws and regulations regarding how business, staff, and consumers are managed and treated is a crucial responsibility of all businesses. Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of compliance in business is the avoidance of criminal charges. With so[…]

Quality IT Support When and Where You Need It 24/7

Reliable technology infrastructure is what business counts on to keep the wheels of industry turning. But what happens when a software glitch occurs or a network interruption happens after the IT department has left for the day? While these may seem like small problems in the greater scheme of things, depending on the kind of[…]

Why Office Hoteling and Hot-Desking are Trends to Watch

Local, shared, co-working spaces are fast becoming the preference for small and mid-size businesses, foregoing the cost of investing in costly infrastructure. It’s a trend in technology, hoteling, and business that’s changing the way we work and collaborate. A strong advantage is it also encourages local and community connections. As work patterns continually evolve adding[…]

Cloud Computing Trends 2018

Recently, IDG Cloud Computing conducted a designed to assess cloud computing trends among decision-makers in technology. The 2018 study included findings about usage and plans across a variety of cloud services and deployment models, their investment planning for cloud based services, what were their business motivators, and the impact on an organization’s business strategies. The[…]

Cloud Technology is a Boon to the Healthcare Industry for Flexibility, Savings and More

Cloud technology has accelerated the way the healthcare industry can share information, increase flexibility, enhance scalability, and reap measurable savings at the same time. Moving to a digital platform has given the healthcare sector a way to transform healthcare date into meaningful information, making data sharing easier and more accessible for users. Cloud solutions make[…]

Cryptocurrency Security Challenges

Virtual currencies, or cryptocurrency as they are commonly known, face some daunting security challenges, such as the safety of wallets, double-spending, increased vulnerability to strategic attacks on exchanges and concerns of ruthless miners. Wallet Safety Research shows weak spots in hardware wallets can be exploited, even the heavily encrypted hardware wallets can still be vulnerable[…]

Cloud Storage is More Popular Than Ever, But Is It Secure?

As cloud storage becomes more widely used around the globe, the recurring question of security remains a constant. Understanding how cloud storage security works helps to alleviate some of the worry. First, data that is stored in the cloud is stored in an encrypted format. That means before a hacker can access the information they[…]

Healthcare IT Has a New Cyberthreat: Cryptocurrency Mining

An emerging new cyberthreat, cryptocurrency mining malware, is keeping healthcare IT pros up at night. Although not as vicious as ransomware, cryptocurrency mining can still greatly reduce system performance and cause vital healthcare IT systems to slow or worse, shut down because the malware uses such powerful processing. According to recent surveys, ransomware attacks have[…]

VAZATA Continues Focusing on Customer Needs for a Highly Secure Data Center Environment

VAZATA Meets Security Compliance Requirements, Surpassing Minimum Standards for the Past 9 Years (04/01/2018) McKinney, Texas, USA – April 1, 2018 – VAZATA, a leader in Managed Cloud Hosting, Colocation, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Business Continuity Disaster Recovery, and Managed Services, announces successful completion of their SSAE18 audit. VAZATA’s SVP of Facilities and Compliance, Jeff Luetzow, said[…]

Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity. What’s the Difference?

Although disaster recovery and business continuity are often thought to be one in the same, the fact is, they have two different objectives. You can choose to focus on one more than the other, but to be confidently prepared for the unthinkable, you really should have both. What is Disaster Recovery? The goal of a[…]